Seattle has been hit hard by the COVID crisis.

Schools have been closing and our governor has advised restricting in-person gatherings wherever possible. Needless to say, the families who rely on Game to Grow are struggling with how to respond.  We serve over 80 kids, teens, and adolescents per week in the greater Seattle area, and most of those youth will be unable to continue to receive the important benefits of Game to Grow services amidst the restriction.  

Many of the youth we work with are already very socially isolated, and we want to help them stay connected with each other during this crisis.

Help us bring Game to Grow services to them!

Luckily, during this crisis our game-based social groups can largely be run though the internet via teleconferencing.  There are some hurdles to jump in order to make sure we maintain the same high quality of services. We want each child to have the same opportunity to connect with peers, continue the fellowship of adventure, and receive the life-enriching experience of an professionally facilitated collaborative experience.

You can help make it possible.

Game to Grow has 9 facilitators, and each facilitator will need their own capacity to serve their participants. This means they'll need some equipment as well as online services, so there are some up-front costs as well as recurring service fees to keep facilitators from having to reach into their own pockets to continue services to their participants.  We're not sure how long this will last, so we want to build some sustainability around this, just in case! Funds will go towards dedicated Zoom accounts for our facilitators as well as support for equipment and training to guarantee our service effectiveness.  

Thank you for making a difference!

In a few of the groups we've already managed to run online, feedback from families has been tremendous. Many of our youth already struggle with anxiety and in this time of constant bad news are particularly challenged to maintain their positive outlook. Being able to continue the social contact with their Game to Grow gaming group has been a refuge in these hard times. Your donation will make sure each one of our participants can maintain their much-needed social contact. 


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